Google Play Best of 2018 Awards Reveal Top Apps, Books, and Movies


For the first time, Google Play added a new “Fan Favorite” category, giving users a chance to vote for their favourite game, app and movie of the years. Today, the results got announced via a blog post, and they're pretty much what we expected them to be. You can see the main categories and winners below, although there are also more granular lists on the main Google Play Awards page, such as 'Most Entertaining' app and 'Best Hidden Gem.'

It's no surprise to see PUBG win the both the 'User's Choice' and normal award for best game, with 'Avengers: Infinity War' also a predictable award. The complete list of winners of each category is as follows.

PUBG Mobile, Tik Tok, and More Make It to Google Play’s Best of 2018 List

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