Google Could Be Launching an Affordable Pixel Smartphone to Attract More Markets Under Its Thumb


Google is not exactly budget-friendly when it came to its Pixel, or Pixel 2 lineup. Devices priced like this definitely come with their share of premium features, but it does not mean that the will be able to appeal to every market.

Google Might Be Prepping a Mid-Range Pixel Device to Target Specific Markets to Increase Its Growth

According to a new Economic Times report, Google will announce an affordable version of its Pixel series in July. The mid-range variant is targeted at developing markets like India.

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Not a lot is known about these devices, yet, but, we do have some tidbits, thanks to a participant who attended a meet up organized by Google. The company is really excited about penetrating into India with its new consumer products. This has been made easier with the introduction of the affordable 4G internet by Reliance Jio and other carriers.

As per earlier rumors, Google Home devices will also be released in India by the end of April. By the next year, we may also see the premium Pixelbook laptop retailing in India. Other products expected to debut in India include Google Wifi and the Nest lineup, which features smart home products.

Currently, Google Chromecast devices, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL sell in India but at absurdly large prices. Google plans to increase the availability of these devices in the country in the future with the help of the hardware distributor Redington, by doing in-store branding and by establishing exclusive zones. Basically, the company wants to increase its offline presence more to the public.

The mid-range Pixel devices are expected to be released somewhere in July or August. So that being said, it won’t be surprising if Google makes an official announcement at its I/O event, which is expected to be held during the month of May.

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