Four Pixel Devices Spotted on FCC, With Google Presumably Preparing 5G-Ready Models [Updated]


A tipster earlier revealed that U.S. carriers were extensively testing out the Pixel 4 series for a possible launch in the month of October. However, before these phones can be sold in the United States, documentation needs to be submitted to the FCC for approval. During this approval process, information concerning wireless spectrum and band support of the device become available, and from the look of things, we might be greeted with four models, and some very interesting pieces of information that you guys might like to read about.

Future Pixel Phones Could Offer 5G Connectivity, as Google Could Possibly Want to Get Approval Done Earlier

The four Pixel devices were spotted by 9to5Google first, with the four of them featuring the following model numbers:

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While there’s nothing out of the ordinary here, what’s interesting to see is Google requesting 5G connectivity approval, suggesting that future Pixel devices might tout a 5G-capable modem. It’s possible the company sticks to the same decision as Apple; waiting for 5G connectivity to become a mainstream standard across several markets before releasing devices supporting this network this year. Long story short, it doesn’t look like the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will support 5G right now.

9to5Google also believes this, as the publication states that all four models spotted at the FCC feature numbers that fall in line with the Pixel 3a range. Just a while back, the Pixel 4 was apparently spotted getting tested on a Sprint network. Sprint has already launched its 5G network in cities such as New York, Washington, and others, and the front side of the alleged Pixel 4 leak did not show the ‘5G’ logo anywhere on the OLED screen. This potentially means no devices launching this year from Google will get 5G support, which should be fine for a lot of customers.

Considering the already expensive starting price of such premium handsets, imagine what the company might end up charging if the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL did feature a 5G modem? Industry watchers have also informed that it’s better to wait till next year to invest in a 5G-capable smartphone as the technology would have matured slightly by then.

Are you disappointed that Google’s flagship Pixel series for this year might not get 5G support? Let us know by commenting below.

Updated: 9to5Google reports that the Pixel 4 features Project Soli support, which also works on the same mmWave wireless technology as 5G connectivity, which caused confusion in the first place and made it appear as the information published above. That being said, it doesn’t look like 5G-ready devices from Google are coming this early.