Google Pixel 2 High-Res Recreation Images Will End up Disappointing Lots of Potential Fans


Google and HTC might stick to an older design language with the release of the Pixel 2. One talented individual now has managed to create high-resolution images of the leaked renderings and looking at these images, it looks like we have a pretty good idea what the company’s intentions are.

High-Resolution Images of the Pixel 2 Disappoint as They Reveal a Single-Lens Rear Camera and a High Percentage Of Bezels

One Reddit user has made detailed images of the leaked Pixel 2 renders and while we should give him props for his hard work in recreating these with more detail, they also provide a bit of foreshadowing that the upcoming flagship might not be what we expect. With several manufacturers aiming for a bezel-less display handset, both Google and HTC might be looking the other way as we speak, going as far as to remove the headphone jack, according to a previous rumor.

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The design also shows a rear-positioned fingerprint reader just like last year’s model, showing that apart from the stock-Android advantage, Google does not want to use winning formulas that might favor the tech giant’s smartphone business. With Lenovo also focusing on releasing handsets that will boast near-stock-Android skins, it looks like the company will have a bit of competition on its hands to tackle in the long run.

It is possible that these renders belong to the more affordable Pixel 2, as there are rumors that Google intends to release a more affordable handset later in the year. It will not feature powerful internals as the more premium and capable Pixel 2 versions, but it could deliver a pure-Android platform for a much smaller price tag.

Still, we would not have minded if Google would have placed a little emphasis on changing up the design, but it looks like cost-cutting devices could be seen in the future. However, before you start reaching conclusions, remind yourself that it is just another render and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

For now, we want your thoughts down in the comments on how you feel about these high-resolution renders. We’ll be waiting for your responses.

News Source: Imgur