Unable to Find ‘People’ Folders on Google Photos? You Are Not Alone


Do you use Google Photos' "People" folder for showing specific photos to your friends? If yes, then here is some bad news. Apparently, the folder is malfunctioning and is missing some notable faces from the spread.

The feature specifically recognises the recurring faces in your photos and segregates them into a dedicated folder containing only their pictures. This feature on Google Photos helps in easy exploration and lets the user jump to the specific photo with the person instead of going through entire photo feed.

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Many users have been experiencing the bug, which ultimately wipes the faces from their "People" album. To check if you are one of those users, just open Google Photos and click on People folder. If you see some important faces missing, then you are suffering from the same bug.

A user named Brettp wrote on the Google Product forum:

This is happening to a lot of people, including me. My people album showed back up this morning, but none of people were named and my custom merging / hiding was all missing.

Google is already aware of the bug and has ensured people that it is working on a fix. Many users took to Google Product Forums to report the issue, and it looks like many users are facing the problem. While many users report that they are not able to see any face in the People folder, some users report that their list under the folder is short and is missing many faces.

The company recommends users to check if the 'Face grouping' option is off in the settings. If the feature is disabled, then it will delete face groups in your feed. To check if the option is enabled, just tap on the menu option on the left and then go to Settings > Face grouping > On.

As of now, Google has not revealed any set timeline to fix the issue but we can expect it to come up with some solution soon. Also, you can check in your Google Photos settings if the Face Grouping is enabled. We will keep you posted on the issue and report whenever a fix for the bug appears on Google Product forum.