Google Photos Increases Album Limit to 20,000 Pictures and Videos

Anil Ganti
Google Photos

Even some hardcore iPhone purists I've spoken to admit that Google Photos is leaps and bounds better than anything Apple has to offer. Over the years, much like many Google Products, Google Photos has transformed from a simple gallery app to a one-stop solution for all your imaging needs. You get AI-assisted image segregation, the ability to sort photos by a wide range of parameters and unlimited storage space in the cloud (at a slight loss of image quality). Google has further sweetened the pot by throwing in unlimited storage of 'uncompressed' images' for Pixel owner. Last week, the company announced that it would no longer offer 'free' storage for certain filetypes, presumably as a deterrent to people who mooched off of their free cloud storage by masquerading some files as images/videos.

Now that smartphone cameras are becoming increasingly powerful, people are clicking more images than ever. As a result of more powerful cameras, file sizes have gone up as well. Previously, Google Photos had a 10,000 photo limit on private albums, and at this point, even that much isn't enough for some prolific shutterbugs. Google has now raised the private album limit to match the shared album limit at 20,000 images. The number might seem a tad absurd to many, but thanks to Live Albums that continuously top themselves up with every new photo that you click, one is likely to run out of space sooner than anticipated.

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Android Police first spotted the change and then subsequently confirmed with Google about the new limit, which has also been updated in Google's support page. 20,000 images should probably be good for people for whom 10,000 weren't enough. It's only a matter of time before that gets filled up as well. It's not like the images are going anywhere unless someone proactively deletes them. Why someone needs over 20,000 photos of pretty much anything is beyond me, but hey, I'm not judging.

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