Google Photos Has Started Preparing Advanced Photo and Video Editing on iOS


After bringing the advanced photo and video editing to Android, Google Photos on iOS is finally getting the editing overhaul starting this week. Google decided to debut a completely redesigned photo editor last year for Android users; this editor brought features such as AI suggestions, color adjustments, and typical editing features such as cropping and filters. Then in April 2021, Google released an advanced video editor to Photos users, which allowed you to crop, rotate, and apply filters to your videos, as well as adjust contrast, and brightness.

Google Photos on iOS Finally Becomes a Lot Better with Advanced Photo and Video Editing Features.

This week, both of the Google Photos editing tools will start rolling out for iOS users. Google decided to announce this in a community post and talked about the rollout that started yesterday.

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Previously, we introduced a new, more helpful editor in the Google Photos app on Android and are excited to announce it is now starting to roll out on iOS! It features smart and easy-to-use features so your photos and videos look their very best.

In case you are wondering what the changes are, you can see the changelog here.

  • We’ve added a new tab right in the photo editor that uses machine learning to give you suggestions tailored to the specific photo you’re editing.
  • These suggestions may combine several editing features, like brightness, contrast, and more, so you can get stunning results with just one tap.
  • You’ll see some familiar suggestions like Enhance and Color Pop, and we’ll continue to add more suggestions overtime to help your portraits, landscapes, sunsets, and more really stand out.
  • If you want to see what changes were applied, many suggestions will show the specific edits that changed your photo, allowing you to use more granular controls to customize further.
  • With the video editor, you’ll continue to be able to trim, rotate, crop, adjust, and apply filters. We also updated the look and felt to match the new photo editor and make the experience easier to use.

If you have been waiting for these features to appear, you can pick up your Apple device and download or update Google Photos, and you will get access right away.