Google’s Phone App Gets ‘Pawsome’ Easter Egg for Cat and Dog Lovers


Easter eggs are Google's favourite, and the company keeps hiding them in the most unexpected places in Android. This time around, Google's easter egg has been found in the latest version of the Phone app for Android.

Not just the easter egg, the new version of the phone app also drops many hints about Android O and its features. However, the Easter egg takes all the attention with its "Paw Mode" that would make all the cat lovers jump with joy (no, seriously!) Once enabled, this Easter egg shows users how they can answer an incoming phone call with cat or dog paw. It's a cute addition to the phone app, and it also shows how Google is planning to bring new changes to the Android ecosystem and apps.

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Photo Credit: Android Police

How can I enable the "Paw Mode" on my phone right now!?

Hold your horses. You can enable it just by punching a number on the phone app's dialer. Before opening the app, you must ensure that you are having the 9.0 or later version of the phone app on your Android phone. After making sure of the version, just open the phone app's dialer and dial *#*#729#*#* to unleash this awesome answering mode. We are forever grateful to Google for bringing this "pawsome" easter egg.

Remember, once enabled, the phone app will remember the feature and would always show it whenever there is an incoming call. In case you get bored of all the cuteness, you can turn off the Paw Mode by dialing the same code *#*#729#*#* code in your phone app.

Like we said at the beginning of this article, Easter eggs are not new for Google, but this one was surely a hidden gem. Google has not publicized Paw Mode, but folks at AndroidPolice unleashed it with the help of a tipster.

Do you like this Easter egg? Would you enable it in your phone's dialer app? Let us know in the comments section below.