Google Phone App is Finally Making its Way to Non-Pixel Devices

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The one thing that we unanimously hate in the world of smartphones is getting spam or fraud calls and that is something that happens all the time. More often than not, we end up picking up the calls as well, and then starts an arduous process of figuring out how to stop these. However, Google is introducing a new feature to Google Phone app that will help the users and give them more information on who's calling.

Google Phone App is Coming to Non-Pixel Devices with New Features That Will Detect Spam and Fraud Callers

The feature is known as Verified Calls by Google, and it will show the caller's name, as well as logo, along with the reason for calling, and a verification symbol that would suggest that the business has been verified by Google. The goal here is to obviously protect people from spam calls as well as fraud. the feature is available through the Google Phone app which is already available on Pixel and Android One devices. Last month, Google brought this feature to some non-Pixel devices, and in today's release, Google has said that soon this app will be available to even more Android devices.

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In order to have the Verified Calls feature work and detect the spam calls, a few things need to happen on the business' end. For starters, businesses must pass a verification process, and information must be sent to Google's Verified Calls server. Google has explained it in their support document, "When the business calls you, your device compares the incoming call information with the information Google received from the business."

According to Google, this feature has been in testing for a few months, and during that time, the data collected has shown that people are more likely to pick up calls with the feature turned on. This is especially great when banks are calling the customers to report fraudulent activities or some other issues.

At the time of writing, the Verified Calls feature is rolling out in the U.S, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and India. Google has said that more countries, as well as more devices, are soon going to get this feature too. The Google Phone app, however, will Gbe available on more Android devices later this week.

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