Google Pay Send Features to Get Integrated Into Google Pay App Soon


Earlier this year, Google's payment system was in shambles, with several features scattered across three separate apps namely Google Wallet, Android Pay and Pay with Google. Google Wallet let you send and receive money from your friends. Android Pay was the NFC-based portal that could be used at select merchants and Pay with Google was an API that let you pay via the Google Assistant. To reduce some of the confusion associated with the services, the company launched Google Pay earlier this year.

However, Google Wallet remained in the form of Google Pay Send, and today, the Google Pay Send features are nearly ready to be integrated into the main app. The integration between Google Pay Send and Google Pay was hinted at the initial release of Google Pay. At the time, the company specified no timeline and merely stated that it would happen in the 'next few months'. Finally, it appears that the former Google Wallet features are already fully functional in the standard Pay app, and furthermore, the peer-to-peer payments even work in the United Kingdom (Google Pay Send doesn't work in the UK)

Google Pay is Now Bringing Cross-Border Transactions

The integration was first discovered by XDA Developers, who noticed a new 'send' money toolbar at the bottom of the app after uninstalling the Google Pay Send app. Tapping on this brings you to a page where you can send or request money from either an existing contact or new contact via peer-to-peer transfer. We'd recommend that you still hold on to Google Pay Send for now, as the integration is yet to go live en-masse.

Thankfully, unlike their messaging apps, Google seems to have tidied their payment options. Google Pay has a lot of potentials to drive the cashless revolution in several inherently cash-based economics owing to its seamless integration with Android. But, it'll still be a while before that happens because low-cost NFC-enabled phones are still a rarity.

News Source: XDA developers