Facing Issue with Google Now and Google Play? Here’s How You Can Temporarily Fix it

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Google Now is a nifty service by Google, and most of us depend on it for keeping up with the day. Sadly, the service seems to be facing some server-side issues, which is not letting users access the information on it. Not just Google Now, but Google Play is also plagued with similar issues. If you're facing a problem with the Google Now or Google Play on your phone, then there are a few temporary fixes that you can try.

A report by Android Police states that a bug in Google Play has been caused by the server-side tests that Google conducts to test features. Unfortunately, this time, the test has resulted in the removal of all the content from the main screen and hence leaving Google Play useless for users. Being a server-side issue, it is not showing up on all the devices, but many devices are facing the lag.

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There is a dedicated Reddit thread about the bug in Google Now and its inability to display cards. The service just shows the message - “Failed to load cards,” despite the working internet connection. Going by the thread, Nexus and Pixel devices are majorly hit by the problem. There are other devices too, but most affected are either Nexus or Pixel.

The issue is being reported globally, which means that various users all around the world are facing the problem with Google Now card display. Taking an overall look at the issue, one Reddit user tried various tweaks and has finally come up with a temporary solution to make Google Now work again. It looks like; users are required to clean their app data to fix the issue.

Here's how you can fix the issue:

  • Open "Settings" on your phone
  • Go to "Application Manager"
  • Tap on "Google App"
  • Now, click on "Manage Space" and then finally tap on "Clear Google Search Data."

This process is expected to do the trick for you and bring back Google Now cards, showing all the necessary information. We can expect Google to roll out a permanent fix for the issue soon, but for the time being, you can use Google Now and Google Play by clearing the app data on your device.

Are you facing the problem with Google Now on your device? If yes, then let us know if the fix mentioned above works for you.

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