Google Redesigns UI of Web Sign-In Page, Adds Material Design Elements


Google has been on an update spree for its mobile interface for various apps, especially the sign-in page on devices. The new interface features material design providing cleaner outlook overall. All these changes have been limited to mobile devices, but now it looks like the search engine giant is extending the same treatment for its web interface as well.

Few users have been reporting about a new sign-in design for web pages. It means that Google is gearing up for a wider rollout for its new design interface for web sign-in page too. The new design would give a much-needed overhaul to the mundane interface that we have seen for a long time, presenting it with a refreshed UI.

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On Google's support forum, the tech giant said that it is redesigning the web sign-in page and will soon be updating it globally. The new web sign-in page looks a lot like the mobile sign-in page with the same material elements and design language. The new design of sign-in page on the web is responsive, and it fits according to the screen size.

Other than design, there won't be any change in the functionality of the web sign-in page. Users will still have to enter their e-mail and password to get to their accounts.

In a report from VentureBeat, Google's product manager, Rodrigo Paiva, says:

Google started showing people a notification about the change at the bottom of the sign-in screen yesterday to prevent users being surprised by the new look. We started using the new look at the operating-system level — through Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Google on Android, and through the Google App on iOS — a few months ago, and the company has been testing it in browsers internally in recent weeks, Paiva said.

The company will gradually roll out the change on the web sign-in page. As mentioned above, the tech giant is notifying users about the imminent changes. So, if your sign-in page starts looking more like the one on your mobile phone, then you just got treated to the more material interface. It is worth noting that recently many phishing attacks started using Google-like sign-in page to dupe users. By rolling out a new design page, Google wants to curb such attacks in some way.

For the ones who fail to see the new sign-in page then there could be two reasons behind it - either you are using an old version of a browser or you've turned off the JavaScript. To enable the  JavaScript on Chrome, go to Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Select - Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended) > Click on 'Done'.