Google Meet is Now Available for Everyone to Use


Google Meet was reported to go free for everyone. Less than a month ago, we were talking about how the previously paid service will be free for everyone to use. This move was perhaps undertaken to deal with the current global health crises and how people are relying on video conferencing services. However, there was no official release date given back then.

As it turns out, Google has quietly made it free for everyone. The moment you open Gmail, you will get a notification telling you that you can now host meetings or join them, as well.

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Google Meet Will Now Let Everyone Host Meetings as it Goes Free

Google Meet is honestly one of the better options. Especially when you take the privacy concerns into account. Using it does not seem like a bad idea. How does it work? Well, there is no rocket science behind it. All you need is an existing Google account and you are set.

The moment you log in to your Gmail, you'll get a notification saying that you can now use Google Meet. Check the screenshot below.

From here, you just have to click on "Start a meeting" or "Join a meeting" and you would be all sorted. What's great is that at the time, Google allows up to 100 people in meetings, which is more than enough for most businesses, as well as educational institutes. Additionally, you can even download the Google Meet app on iOS and Android or simply go to to get started.

Although the service is free at the moment, do keep in mind that if the previous report is true. Google will be introducing a 60-minute limit to meetings conducted through the service.

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Whatever the case may be, it is nice to see that Google has brought this service to the masses. Everyone can simply log in to their Google accounts and get started. What's better is that if you want to make yourself look better on Google Meet or other video calling services, you can actually use your Canon camera to do so.

Will you be using this service to conduct your meetings? Let us know what you think about Google's decision to make this service free.