Google Maps’s Offline Navigation Begins Rolling Out To iOS Users


As per yesterday's Google Maps update for iOS, offline navigation is now beginning to roll out to users. The entire changelog that accompanied with the update did not contain any slightest hint about the feature. However, it was later confirmed to VentureBeat that the crucial feature is part of the update.

Navigate To Your Destination Without An Internet Connection With Google Map's Offline Navigation

Google confirms that offline maps have started to roll out for users with Google Maps on iOS. By the look of it, it seems that the feature is being updated in selected regions. Judging by the remarks of Google's spokesperson, we will soon be able to download specific area of the world from the Google Maps. So any time we do not have an internet connection, we can easily navigate our desired location.

Offline navigation is one a handy feature for users, since not many of us have an outdoor internet connection. Whether it be a country road or a parking lot, Google Maps will assist seamlessly in giving directions. Offline navigation also supports turn by turn driving directions which will prove out to be an important handy tool for drivers and travelers. Users would also have the ability to search specific locations and destinations along with finding relevant information about businesses and other locations. All this will be done seamlessly, without an internet connection.

Previously, iOS users were only delegated with viewing maps offline by typing 'OK Maps' in the search bar. This promoted Google Maps to download specific portions of the map to your iOS device. It's uncanny how Google missed out on mentioning such an important feature in its latest update. There were only two things mentioned as part of the Google Maps update, petrol prices for gas stations in Canada and the United States and business hours for enumerable points of interests.

The offline navigation functionality first arrived on Android last month. Google did mention that the equivalent service would move to iOS ''soon''. Now that it's here, iOS users would definitely be guided every time they wish to drive to their desired destination, without an internet connection.

Google Maps can be downloaded on all iOS devices that includes the iPhone, iPad and the fifth generation iPod Touch. Although the app does require iOS 7.0 or later. It also features an extension for the Apple Watch with navigational options.

This is it for now, folks. What do you guys think about Google Map's offline navigation? Share your views in the comments section below.

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