Google Lets You Buy Movie Tickets Directly by Integrating Fandango Into Assistant


Google loves Star Wars, and it shows. Apart from the massive sale on Star Wars games, ebooks and audiobooks, Google has also partnered with Fandango to make your movie ticket booking experience more fluid. Now, to make it easier to secure seats to your favourite flick, Google has just announced a partnership that makes it possible to order tickets from within Google Assistant.

We worked with Fandango so you can buy tickets to the movies using your voice—just say “buy tickets” once you’ve decided which movie to see. Or if you already have a movie in mind, you can just say “Hey Google, get me tickets for...” and insert the name of the movie you want to see. You can even buy advance tickets for upcoming movies, like “Solo: A Star Wars Story” opening on May 25th. And if you’re purchasing tickets for a movie that requires reserved seating, you can use Fandango or other providers to pick your seats before you complete your purchase.

Google is making it possible to simply ask the Assistant to buy tickets to a specific movie. You can even pick out seats and pay for them on the spot, and it can save a fair bit of time in the process of buying tickets. However, the service only works with theatres that have partnered up with Fandango.

How to Use Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4

The service works on Google Assistant via your phone and the Google Home smart speaker. You'll still be redirected to your smartphone to finalize the purchase, though. To access the functionality, you’ll need to say something along the lines of “OK Google, buy tickets for Avengers: Infinity War” to get started. It should work for any movie, including opening night events. You might not be able to book tickets right away, as the functionality is being rolled out incrementally.

News Source: Google