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Google Launches COVID‑19 Website and Search Results Enhancements


Google has launched a new COVID-19 resources website, along with enhancements to search results to show verified data and useful information at a quick glance.

Google's website has launched after much coverage in the media since the United States President Donald Trump announced that the company is working on a screening website for coronavirus. That turned out to be partially correct as a screening website only for Bay Area in San Francisco was launched. This new resources website is targeted towards a larger audience and provides a wealth of information, data and insights to keep people aware of the ongoing pandemic.

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Available at google.com/covid19, the website provides information about coronavirus symptoms, prevention, and treatments. It also links to various health organization websites such as Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization.

Google COVID-19 Website

The website also houses a data & insights section which contains maps of the infected areas around the world. It also lists coronavirus related trending searches globally, and by region. There are also safety and presentation tips on the website, along with helpful videos from YouTube. So far, this website is specifically for the United States, and Google has not announced any plans to roll it out globally.

Google has also enhanced its search results so that users see the latest news and authoritative information in results. Users can easily find links to verified Twitter accounts, authentic resources, frequently asked questions regarding coronavirus, data on the cases around the world and much more. Ensuring access to authoritative resources is part of an on-going effort by Google and other tech companies, to avoid misinformation on their platforms with regards to COVID-19.

Coronavirus - Google Search

Google's competitor Microsoft has also launched a self-checker tool for coronavirus, in collaboration with CDC. Microsoft previously launched a COVID-19 tracker available at bing.com/covid, which shows the number of people affected around the world, broken down by confirmed, recovered and fatal cases. The information is laid down on a heat-map, along with the latest news related to the pandemic.