Coronavirus ‘Self Checker’ Tool Developed by Microsoft and CDC Helps Assess Symptoms and Assists in Making Medical Care Decisions

Coronavirus ‘Self Checker’ Tool Developed by Microsoft and CDC

The coronavirus ‘self checker’ is a useful tool created in collaboration with software giant Microsoft and The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC. The tool, which is now live, is essentially a chat bot that asks a series of questions. The results of those questions can be treated as a guideline with which people can be better informed of what step to take next in case they want to proceed with the diagnoses or treatment of COVID-19 from a medical facility. As of right now, the U.S. has nearly 20,000 registered cases of coronavirus, and that tally only seems to be going up in multiple countries.

Coronavirus ‘Self-Checker’ Tool Is Currently Intended for People Located in the U.S. for Now

If you visit the COVID-19 testing page on CDC’s website and click on the tool highlighted in blue, you’ll receive the following notification that opens in a separate window. It’s recommended that you treat the ‘self checker’ tool as a means to give you more clarity on what medical decision you should take.

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“The purpose of the Coronavirus Self-Checker is to help you make decisions about seeking appropriate medical care. This system is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease or other conditions, including COVID-19. This system is intended only for people who are currently located in the United States.”

The test will run through a number of potential situations and symptoms. The initial run of questions will check for any life-threatening symptoms which might require immediate care. After this, the chat bot will ask questions based on some of the symptoms that are more familiar with coronavirus. This will include a high fever, coughing, wheezing, and being short of breath. You’ll also be asked if you’ve visited a place where there was a coronavirus outbreak, or if you’ve been in contact with someone who displays symptoms common with COVID-19.

The answers that you receive will determine if you should stay at home and rest, or get immediate medical care. This sort of advice is what medical professionals would also give. Unfortunately, when we tried testing the tool ourselves, the coronavirus ‘self checker’ wasn’t able to guide us to a specific testing location that was in close proximity. It could probably be because of my own geographical location, but if that is the case, then both Microsoft and CDC should make this addition to make things a heck of a lot easier for millions of visitors wanting to use the tool.

Do give it a try and let us know down in the comments if you found it useful or not.

News Source: CDC

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