Google Launches Android Basics Nanodegree – A Free Program for Novices

Google has announced today its Android Basics Nanodegree, a new program in collaboration with Udacity to help people learn the basics of app development. Nanodegree will help those who have no prior development experience, learn the introductory computer science concepts in the Java programming language. The new series will help users learn to build applications for Android, at their own pace.

Through our Wccftech Deals, we bring forward a number of educational deals that focus on helping people learn to develop apps. But now Google is making efforts to make this learning experience even easier, and completely free of any cost.

Google and Udacity partner to launch Android Basics Nanodegree

With the introduction of Google Basics Nanodegree, you will be able to learn Android apps and reach out to over a billion devices with your ideas. This series will help you build simple Android apps, even if you have little or no programming experience. All the courses that are part of this Nanodegree are available online for free. However, you can also access Udacity's paid services, including access to coaches, project guidance, career counseling, and a certificate upon completion.

With courses designed by Google, you can learn skills that are applicable to building apps that solve real world problems. You can learn at your own pace to use Android Studio (Google’s official tool for Android app development) to design app user interfaces and implement user interactions using the Java programming language.

The courses walk you through step-by-step on how to build an order form for a coffee shop, an app to track pets in a shelter, an app that teaches vocabulary words from the Native American Miwok tribe, and an app on recent earthquakes in the world. At the end of the course, you will have an entire portfolio of apps to share with your friends and family.

Nanodegree will help you build app user interfaces, implement user interactions, store information in a database, pull data from the internet into your app, localize your app to support other languages, among other related concepts.

When you are done with the Basics, you can also continue to learn with Career-track Android Nanodegree which is designed for "intermediate developers." Google also shared that the first 50 participants to finish the Android Basics Nanodegree will win a scholarship for the Career-track Android Nanodegree. You can enroll and find more details about the program here.

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