Google’s Job Search Tool Adds Nifty Features To Make Job Hunt Easier


Google's job search tool has been there for quite some time, and today the tool is getting some new features that will make it even niftier.

The first feature debuting on the platform grants it an ability to help job seekers check their potential to secure the job. Alongside, it will also display salary information procured from major job search portals like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and PayScale. This information will provide a general idea about the potential income that one can get for the job shown. It will also show salary per annum and hourly rates.

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Not just salary information, Google is also adding extra options such as new filters to narrow down job search. One such filter lets you choose a location and limit job search to a specific city.

In a blog post, Google states:

To help, we’re now adding an easy way for you to tell Google what search area to use when finding jobs that match your query. Just click the “Location” filter, and you’ll see a range of distances, from two miles up to 200 miles or “anywhere” if you’re a bit more flexible. Once you select the distance that works for you, we’ll display postings only from the area you’re interested in—whether that’s walking distance from your home, or across the whole country.

Finally, finding the right job for you can take time. That’s why in a couple of weeks, we’re adding the ability to save jobs right inside Google Search. With a bookmark button alongside each posting, saving is as simple as a single tap. Then that job will appear in your “Saved jobs” tabs on Google, which is accessible across any of your devices.

New ways to send job application

Moreover, Google is also including an ability that will allow job seekers to choose how they want to push the job application. Another new feature lets users save jobs that will help in making the most of the available opportunities.