Google is Working on Creating an Android Security Team to Find Bugs in Sensitive Apps

Google is Working on Creating an Android Security Team to Find Bugs in Sensitive Apps

An operating system and bugs are something that goes hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other but that is not the thing here. You have to understand the fact that the tech world, in general, is very scrutinizing, especially when you comes to mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. If there is an experience breaking bug, the users go awry.

That is why Google is reportedly working on forming an Android security team which will serve the purpose of finding and squashing critical bugs in sensitive apps. While on paper this seems like something that should have been done a long time ago, having a dedicated team is likely to make the experience a lot smoother and straightforward for a lot of users and it should speed up the process of finding and squashing bugs, too.

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The New Android Security Team by Google Will be Responsible for Conducting Security Assessments  of 'Highly Sensitive Apps'

Google has recently posted a job listing pertinent to the security of the apps. The job listing is seeking a Security Engineering Manager and you can get more information here. The manager will be responsible for forming a team which will then conduct security assessments of "highly sensitive third party Android apps on Google Play". The team could be focusing on apps that contain sensitive user data like apps from banks, or the recent COVID-10 contact tracing apps.

Additionally, the job listing also talks about how the new Android security team that Google is looking for is not only going to work towards finding vulnerabilities in the sensitive apps, but they will also provide remedies to fix the issues. Moving further, the team is also going to be responsible for working with additional Android security teams and they will be responsible for finding new and better ways to reduce the occurrence of these vulnerabilities at a larger scale.

Google's decision to finally start focusing on the Android vulnerabilities that often get past the security checks that the company has in place on the Google Play Store is certainly a great move and should allow for an overall better experience which is also a lot smoother and should save time.

Overall, this move should make the entire of the Android eco-system a lot smoother and users should have a lot better experience in general as far as the accessibility and security is concerned. There is no word on when this team is going to end up forming but we're certainly looking forward to it.

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