Google is Getting Rid of Plastic Packaging by 2025

Furqan Shahid
Google is Getting Rid of Plastic Packaging by 2025

There is no denying that a lot of companies around the world are pushing towards a greener future. With the Google Pixel 5 already made out of recycled aluminium and other materials similar to that, and Apple pushing for a cleaner environment as well, it is less of a race and more of an effort to make this world a safer place for everyone to live in.

Needless to say, plastic is one of the culprits, as it is very difficult when it comes to decomposing and at the end, it becomes a problem for everyone to deal with. Plastic waste is a problem that simply cannot be overlooked and Google has announced that they are getting rid of all plastic packaging by 2025.

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Google Aims for a Cleaner World by Getting Rid of all Plastic Packaging by 2025

As per the blog post, Google is now planning on using recycled and renewable material in at least 50 percent of all plastic used across all their hardware products by 2025. In order to make this happen, Google is planning on prioritizing recycled plastic wherever it is possible.

In addition to that, Google is also planning on achieving UL 2799 Zero Waste to Landfill certification at all final assembly manufacturing sites by 2022. If Google gets this certification, it would mean that all the majority of the waste from those manufacturing sites will be recycled.

Furthermore, Google is also planning on making all of its product packaging plastic-free and recyclable by 2025. The company has been working towards this goal for 4 years now but even now the packaging of a lot of products are still made out of some amount of plastic. However, Google is now planning on using recyclable alternatives to help reach the sustainability goals that the company has set.

While some might call this green marketing, it is certainly a bold step by Google and other companies in the process which is going to ensure a greener environment, and ultimately a better planet for all of us.

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