Google I/O 2017: What to Expect from Google’s Biggest Event of the Year and How to Watch It Live

Zara Ali
Google I/O 2017

Google is all set to kickstart its I/O 2017 developer conference tomorrow, and the rumour mill is already abuzz with everything that you can expect to get unleashed. This time around, we are expecting Google to unveil the next version of Android (Android 8.0), new features for Google Assistant, Daydream, VR, and more. Of course, we can expect a few surprises too, just like the previous I/O events.

Here's everything that we can expect to see at the I/O 2017:

Android 8.0 (Android 'O'reo)

Android O
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Google has already released the developer preview for Android 8.0, but we still don't know the name of the version. Most of us are placing our bets on "Oreo," but one could never be sure of what Google finally picks. Oreo cookie makers collaborated with Google to release a mobile game - Oreo Dunk Challenge, last year. The game counts as a good hint. However, we shall wait and see if that turns out to be true.

In the preview version of the OS, we have seen various improvements and enhancements for notifications and battery life. We are also aware of the customizable app icons for different devices along with new modes such as Picture in Picture and Autofill APIs.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant for iOS

Google Assistant debuted at the last year's I/O event, and this year, it is expected to get a few upgrades. Although Google has already opened it for the third-party developers, we can expect it to get even better through some major announcements at the event. For hardware partners, the Assistant is still available as the developer preview SDK, which is far from being ready for the hardware integration. At the I/O 2017, Google could also open hardware channels for the Assistant.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

I/O 2017's second day is assigned to the keynote from Google's head of VR, Clay Bavor. It is safe to assume that there will be an update for the Daydream VR platform. Also, we can expect to see some updates on Google's plan for the AR platform. There are reports that Google's Project Tango lead, Johnny Lee could accompany Bavor on the stage for presenting the keynote, which means that we might see some VR-Tango announcements. Admittedly, Google's high-level sensor technology also looks promising for bringing better AR experience. We are bracing ourselves for great announcements for AR and VR.

Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP)

Google's innovative Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) created waves at the last year's I/O. The team behind the project had been quiet ever since the group's head, Regina Dugan, moved to Facebook last year. There has not been much news about ATAP lately, so we have to wait for the event to see if anything interesting pops up.

Android Wear

Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear 2.0 was announced at the last year's event, and the platform is not famous for quick updates, which means there is not much to expect. However, it still has a slot on the schedule, so we can get to hear some announcements.

That's all we know; much more would be unveiled at the I/O 2017 that will start tomorrow at 10:00 AM (PDT).

How to livestream Google I/O 2017:

You can head to Google's official I/O website to watch the event live. For the ones who prefer watching events on the move, you can download the official I/O app from the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS). Last year, the company also live streamed the event on its YouTube channel so it is safe to bookmark it for this year's I/O conference as well.

The tech giant will be hosting the annual developer conference at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View from May 17 to May 19.

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