Google Home Now Streams Tracks From Your Uploaded Playlist On Play Music


Google Home units around the world are receiving an update that lets the smart speaker play songs purchased from Google Play Music or uploaded to the player.

With this update, many Google Home users would be at peace as they can now play songs from their personal playlist on Play Music. Users can finally play tracks from their old collections. Now, you can ask Google Home to play those songs, just like on-demand tracks on the Play Music.

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Until now, Google Home was operating under an irony that Play Music could store 50,000 songs on cloud that could be streamed "anywhere for free" except for Google's own smart speaker. The new addition to the speakers gives priority to the uploaded or purchased content on the Play Store than a radio station. It means that Google Assistant on Google Home would first look for your requested track, album, or artist in the uploaded or purchased media instead of playing it on the radio.

"Hey, Google!"

However, subscription on-demand songs would still enjoy priority over the uploaded playlist. Of course, you can ask the assistant to play the track from your library instead of the on-demand service. For example, you can say - "Hey Google, Play Hey Jude (replace it with your choice of song or artist) from my library."

You cannot specify the song location when asking Google Home to play a track by genre or mood. For example, if you ask it to play a happy song (or any genre or mood), it would still fetch the song from the on-demand playlist or play a free radio mix. For the Google Home users who haven't set Google Play Music as the default player for the smart speaker, you would need to specifically ask Google Home to play the song Play Music if you want to listen to the song from your uploaded playlist on the player.

Google is currently rolling out the feature all across the globe, and it should soon be available in the countries where Home is supported.