Google Home Is An Affordable Home Assistant That Uses the Power of Google Assistant


With Google Home, you will finally have a home assistant that harnesses the power of Google Assistant and at the same time, go extremely easy on the wallet too. The latest product announced at the Google event brings a boatload of features and can effectively become the best friend of the household.

Google Home Will Be Able to Answer Your Queries, Play Music, Remind You of Tasks and Control Most of Your Devices Around the House

Google states that you can have several Google Home devices placed around your house and they will be able to play music in sync. Though having more than one Google Home device will be redundant, let us see what the device will be capable of doing. We’ll get to the pricing in a while, but let us first see if it demands your attention. According to the company, Google Home will effortlessly be compatible with your Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, and Google Cast-enabled TVs and communicate with them the way you want it to.

In order to make more devices come under the influence of Google Home, the company is partnering with several firms ranging from Nest, SmartThings, Philips hue and IFTTT in order to make this happen. Since Google Home will be harnessing the power of Google’s extensive search database, not to mention Google Assistant, it will be able to answer pretty much anything and store your day-to-day tasks without a problem. Here is where I feel the device will have a more competitive edge compared to the Amazon Echo.

To top it all, Google wanted to make it functional and aesthetic at the same time, so here is what the company states it did in order to achieve the combination:

“We designed Google Home to look good. The top blends into your home with a clean, minimal design that has no buttons and hidden LED lights. It features a capacitive touch surface for those rare moments when voice won’t do. Because every home is different, you can customize the base with different colors and finishes (metal and fabric, sold separately) to your personal taste.”

Google Home will be available in stores starting in November or you can pre-order yours today for $129 from the Google Store, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Once you set up your device, you’ll be able to redeem 6 months free of YouTube Red so you can enjoy YouTube music and video without those ads coming in between.