Google Adds ‘Fun Facts’ Feature To Search Results About Living Things


Do you love reading trivia about things you like? Would you like to read fun facts about animals, plants, fruits, and vegetables on Google without performing a long search? If you nodded yes to all the questions, then you will be pleased to know that Google has integrated a new feature in its search service. Don't worry; the trivia won't pop up every time you make a search. The feature will only show up on top results whenever you type “fun facts" in the search bar on Google.

To narrow down the fun facts to your favourite animal, just type the name of that animal followed by two words - "fun facts", for example - Cat fun facts. When we typed Cat fun facts in the search bar, Google showed us these fun facts - "Cats conserve energy by sleeping for an average of 13 to14 hours a day." "Cats are one of, if not the most, popular pet in the world." Similarly, if you want to know about a fruit or plant, just type its name accompanied with words - fun facts in the search bar on Google.

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Google fun facts

The featured snippet section on top of search results is where the trivia is displayed. Below the snippet, you will also see a list of questions that most users have searched for on Google about the animal or plant. For example - As you can see in the screenshot above, users have asked these questions about Siberian Husky dogs - "Are Siberian huskies good with small children?" "How do you take care of a Husky?" and more.

Google has not yet revealed the reason behind introducing the fun facts feature on the search engine. However, it does makes Google search more helpful and enlightening. The feature could also earn Google extra bucks from advertising as users might increase their search volume to learn about new fun facts about their favourite animal, fruit, or vegetable.

In a blog post about fun facts, Project Manager at Google, Satyajeet Salgar writes:

Did you know a cat can’t chew big pieces of food because their jaw can’t move sideways? Or that hamsters got their name from the German word “hamstern” which means to hoard? And how do we know this? Starting today on Google Search, you can find fun facts about living creatures from around the world, making you the most interesting person at the dinner party or the reigning champ at trivia. Head to Google, ask for a fun fact about something (think plants, animals, fruits and veggies), and ta-da! A trivia tidbit is delivered right at the top of your search results.

People are anyway hooked to Google when it comes to search for anything, but this new feature could enhance their involvement in searching about facts. Of course, the snippet view provides the information in a compact manner, which is easier to read. Don't forget to add "fun facts" after the query to get specific trivia results.