Google’s Foldable Pixel ‘Notepad’ Scheduled to Arrive in Q4, 2022 With LTPO 120Hz Display

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Google’s Foldable Pixel ‘Notepad’ Scheduled to Arrive in Q4, 2022 With LTPO 120Hz Display

Initially, it was believed that Google’s foldable Pixel launch plans were canceled, but the product appears to be alive and kicking, as a new report claims that its launch will happen in Q4, 2022.

Pixel Notepad Reportedly Smaller Than Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Possibly Galaxy Z Fold 4

As far as cancellation goes, DSCC CEO Ross Young says that Google scrapped a previous order due to an undisclosed reason. It could be that the technology giant was displeased with the panel’s quality and wanted a more durable shipment. Given how fragile foldable smartphone displays are compared to traditional handsets, it makes sense to order a new batch.

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Google may be paying a bit more for these durable parts, but if the company expects customers to shell out a rumored price of $1,400, it needs to create a long-lasting product. According to Young, the new panel’s production is expected to start in Q3, 2022, with a launch happening sometime in Q4. It is possible the advertising behemoth unveils the Pixel Notepad during its Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro launch since that is the only place where Google is expected to make an announcement.

As far as specifications go, Google was earlier reported to be working on its second-generation Tensor chip, so apart from powering the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, this SoC could be found in the foldable Pixel too. Answering some questions in the Twitter thread, Young states that the Pixel Notepad will be equipped with an LTPO 120Hz screen, which suggests that it is an OLED, though it is unconfirmed if this technology will be applied to the inner or outer panel or both.

He also states that the device’s footprint will be smaller than the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s and the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4’s. If this is true, this launch could signal the arrival of more compact foldable smartphones if they take off properly. Google is notorious for buggy releases, so it can take out some time to make sure that certain optimizations are in place, otherwise, customers may not be too happy paying for an expensive Pixel Notepad only for it to be littered with software-related issues.

News Source: Ross Young

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