Google Clips Is a Small Camera with AI Capabilities to Take Photos Automatically

Ali Salman

Google just announced its new Pixel 2 handset, which is quite impressive on the outside as well as inside. Apart from the flagship smartphone duo, the company also unveiled its smart Home products and the new Pixelbook. Other than this, there were various other releases as well which you can check out in our extensive coverage of the event.

However, there was one special product announced at the end of the event that caught our eye. Meet the Google Clips - a tiny camera that uses artificial intelligence to automatically take photographs of your family. Let's see some more details on the subject.

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Google Clips Is An Intelligent Camera That Decides When To Hit The Shutter Button

Google Clips is unlike any other camera that you have used before. It's different in terms of its operations and abilities than the rest of the herd. It makes use of machine learning under the hood to fulfill a purpose that's pretty unique. Through machine learning and AI, the computer inside the Clips camera decides when to hit the shutter button or take a photo.

The application of the camera is pretty simple. All you have to do is place the camera in a room, in a position that shows the world around it, and it will take photos automatically without your assistance. The computer inside decides if something special is happening in the forefront. The camera recognizes your face as well as the face of your family members and with the help of AI, it manages to take pictures on its own. The best aspect about the camera is that it does all of this itself and the technology behind it is housed in a tiny body.

You have the ability to pair the Google Clips camera with your smartphone and then you just turn it on while resting it on a flat surface. The possibilities with this camera are endless as you would not have to do a single thing.

It records short videos and takes pictures when you're smiling or just having a good time. The camera features facial recognition and it detects the faces of people in front of it. To top it off,  it even recognizes the face of your pets. In addition to this, the camera learns over time to take pictures of selected people. It can recognize expressions, the lighting, and frames so every image it takes is stunning.

You also have the ability to share photos from directly within the app. You can also use Google Photos to create movies and photo albums. Google is now giving free, unlimited storage for photos and clips in original quality. The Google Clips does not require an internet connection so all of your photos and clips are safe and secure. Moreover, if the lens is blocked by an object, it's smart enough to notify you on your smartphone.

The Google Clips camera is compatible with the Pixels, Galaxy S7, S8, S8 Plus, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. As for the pricing, it will cost you $249 to have some candid photos taken by AI. If you're interested, the company is giving free shipping on all orders.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the new Google Clips camera? Do you think the camera is over-priced for its utility? Share your views with us in the comments sections below.

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