Google Buzz Fail


Google has been known for innovation and aggression in the Internet world but this time the innovation along with aggression went south as the latest addition to Google's product line has failed to impress the technology enthusiasts.

Google Buzz, a sort of alternative to facebook and twitter runs in real time along with your Gmail and other Google services in which you can start a discussion and then people in your list can start responding to it.

Now the very first issue which came up was that Google pre-added the people whom the user was freqently sending emails from their Gmail account. Now, when someone does something like this without my permission or knowledge, I am not a happy man. Well, the buzz around this mess up Buzzed up and Google had to go back to drawing board and sort out the privacy issue.

Secondly, Along the same lines, if I were to send out a Buzz, anyone who ever knows me, would be able to see the Buzz within their Gmail account. This is serious business. Again back to drawing board.

Now Google has been generous enough to admit mistake on their part as the public beta did not go as planned and too many issues, particularly concerning user privacy were shouting out loud. Maybe, Google will fix Buzz issues but then again, first impression is the last impressions. I would like to stick to facebook and twitter for now to start a discussion or status updates or telling people know what is on my mind than Buzzing my way on Google's failed attempt to Buzz the Internet user base.

By the way, the Canadian Govt has ordered an inquiry into the Buzz issue and this is the latest Buzz...