Google Includes Support for Bluetooth In-Band Ringtones with Android 8.0

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Every new Android version brings along latest features and tweaks. As we all know, Android 8.0 is going to debut soon and is already being teased for all the new features including picture-in-picture mode, autofill managers, notification channels and more. All these features are in the foreground of the new version, but there are a few internal tweaks that constitute bigger changes. One such feature on the interior is related to Bluetooth connectivity on Android 8.0, which now comes with in-band ringing feature.

This new feature is found in Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP), and it enables your Android device to send its personalised ringtone to the connected Bluetooth device. It means that with Android 8.0, users will no longer have to hear default beeping incoming call ringtone when connected to a Bluetooth device. The upcoming version of Android seems to be solving various Bluetooth related issues including Bluetooth battery level indicators and Bluetooth audio codec support.

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Google took 8 years to add this feature!

Interestingly, the Bluetooth in-band ringtone feature has been requested by users since 2009. We wonder why Google took eight long years to fulfil such basic request. Google Pixel XL phone running Android 8.0 Developer Preview 4 shows toggling options for allowing custom ringtone to be played on connected Bluetooth headset whenever the phone rings. Comparatively, iOS had this support for quite some time. The new feature is hidden deep inside the Developer options menu, which is the reason why no one was able to spot it earlier. The first code commits for in-band support were added in April to the Android Open Source Project.

For those who love custom ringtones

As the phrase goes, better late than never, we are happy to see that Google finally implemented the feature in the upcoming version of Android. This feature may not appeal to everyone, but some users love custom ringtones and feel awkward for not hearing it on Bluetooth device.

Android 8.0 is approaching its final release, which is why we are digging for all the new features that are available in the preview versions. The final version will come with more features.

News Source: XDA

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