Google Could Unveil Its Own Bluetooth Headphones With Google Assistant Integration Next Week


Google has been taking many initiatives to push Google Assistant to a wider range of devices. Earlier this month, the tech giant made the Assistant available on smart speakers other than Google Home. We recently reported about how Google is working with Bose to bring Assistant on bluetooth headphones. Turns out, there will be more models of the headphones, and one will be by Google.

Bose will make the first pair of Assistant integrated headphones, but there will also be a Google-made pair of headphones. According to some sources, Google is developing Bluetooth headphones of its own with Assistant integration. Although not confirmed yet, there are fair chances that Google might just unveil it at the October 4th event.

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The rumour about Google making its own Bluetooth headphones had been making rounds for weeks, and now latest reports reveal that there will be an Assistant “action” button on these alleged headphones. One thing is clear that Google has been involved in the development of such headphones but what remains to be seen is that whether the company brings them out or not. In the past, there have been many products that were scrapped even after climbing to certain stages of development, so you never know what Google ultimately decides.

Regarding the headphones by Google, David Ruddock from Android Police tweeted:

Priced at $159?

Previous reports had also pointed towards AirPods-like design for the device, but that's not the case anymore according to today's reports. Apparently, Google's headphones do not have a striking design like AirPods, but the pricing is similar, i.e. $159.

Nevertheless, now that Google opened up the Assistant to other manufacturers, we will get to see more audio products debuting with the functionality. It will be interesting to see if Google unveils its Bluetooth headphones at the event next week. Also, we are wondering how effortlessly Assistant would function for the headphones. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.