Google’s New Tool Shows Crowd Rush in Real-time, Perfect for the Shopping Season


Google's new tool will show you in real-time how much crowded a particular place is, aiding you in avoiding quite a bit of rush.

Google's New Tool is Perfect for the Holiday Season

Reaching your favorite shopping place just to see a massive crowd swarming in the vicinity can be quite a bit of a turn off for a lot of people. Wouldn't it be great if you knew beforehand how much crowded a particular business is at that point in time? Well, Google lets you do that already, but it's taking things further by showing results in real-time now.

This new tool which Google is baking right into search is built on top of its Popular Times. But instead, this new tool works in real-time, giving you a good glimpse of what you'll be up against when you reach a certain location. It does not take a wild guess or anything, or base its suggestions on traffic a particular place has seen in the past.

In order to utilize this newly introduced tool, simply look up a particular business using Google search. When you're done, tap on the little 'arrow' icon to reveal more details. Over here you'll see how much live crowd traffic the business sees during the hours, including a real-time representation of how things are like at that point in time. But that's not all - the tool will also show you how long people usually stick around at that particular location, so you can plan your day accordingly. Very neat stuff if you're asking us.

In case you're wondering how this new tool works - it utilizes location history data from different people, aggregates them together to form a data stream. Of course, this data is completely anonymized to ensure privacy of a user.

Apart from Google search, this feature can be utilized in Google Maps as well, saving users quite a bit of time.

Wrap Up

This particular feature is extremely handy for the holiday shopping season. Instead of walking into a massive surprise at your local store, you can see in real-time how much crowd you'll be up against. Using this data you can jump into the right store at the right time, making your day as smooth as possible.

Give this feature a shot right now on your mobile device. I'm certain crowds are already flocking in droves to your nearest store to score themselves a good deal.


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