Google Assistant Gets Food Tracking via Lifesum

Although there is no shortage of food tracking services available both online and offline, there are very few that are integrated with the Google Assistant. Considering that a lot of households rely on the Assistant for a lot of daily tasks, the ability to track their meals will be a welcome addition to the Assistant's repertoire. Popular diet and food management app Lifesum now supports Google Assistant integration. According to their website:

We have recently added Lifesum to the Google assistant - meaning that you can now track food, water or weight, get an update or a request a challenge by using your voice. Wherever the assistant is available you will now be able to use it with Lifesum (English only - for now)This means that you will be able to get an update of how you are doing on your way to your goals and you can get either an overall look, or specifically for weight or calories

You'll need to authorise Lifesum to collect some account-related information to use the Assistant integration. Once that's done, the "talk to Lifesum"  command can let you perform some basic tasks. You can track meals via commands such as "I had a small lunch" or "Add a large dinner" However, you won't be able to add any specifics via the Assistant just yet. Lifesum merely creates a placeholder in the app which can be updated at a later point. Lifesum also supports tracking your water intake via the Assistant via a command such as "Add a glass of water" or "Track 3 glasses of water."

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Lastly, you can track your weight in Lifesum for Assistant as well using commands such as "I weigh 75kg" or "Track a weight of 150 pounds" From the mobile app, you can set goals that feed into challenges. Those challenges are accessible from Assistant by asking for a challenge or daily action. Lifesum's Assistant action is only available in English right now with support for additional languages to be included in future updates.

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