Google Automatically Trashes Your Android Backups After 60 Days of Inactivity

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Android users are not particularly happy with some practices on the system. It's not surprising to see so many forums full of complaints about how Android's backup system fails to perform. Users want Google to resolve the issue with the backup system in the next version so that phones can retain the data and save users from the pain of updating every chunk of information again.

Currently, Android backup on Marshmallow and above only backs up information like Wi-Fi passwords, device settings, app data, call history and more. However, all this data is deleted from the system if the phone goes unused for a few months. Google has disclosed this information in its support documents, but not many users are aware of it. The company states that a user's backup will be wiped away after some length of time.

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One such Reddit user Tanglebrook shared his issue on the Android subreddit to beware other users about Google's policy. Tanglebrook stopped using his Nexus 6P for a few months due to some problem in the device and shifted to an iPhone for a while. After two months when he got a new Android device, all his backup was wiped away and he had to start from scratch on his new device.

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You can see a countdown for deletion in your Google Drive

As a token of notification, Google starts a countdown for backup deletion in your Google Drive when your phone goes unused for two weeks straight. You can reset this timer if you turn on your device or log into a new Android device, but if you don't then the backup will get deleted in 60 days.

We understand that it's Google's policy, but it would be better if the company provides more control to users over their backups. Not every user can get a new phone overnight if they break their old device, in such situations, it is better if they have a backup on standby so that setting up a new phone does not come up as a difficulty.

What's your take on this issue? Have you faced similar problem with Android? Share your views in the comments section below.

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