Google Agrees to Pay Pixel Owners Up to $500 for Faulty Microphones

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The OG Pixel was meant to be everything the Nexus lineup was, and more. While there's no denying that all four Pixels are excellent devices in their own right, they've been riddled with all kinds of issues. The OG Pixel, in particular, had a manufacturing defect with the microphone. Several owners alleged that Google willing sold the handsets even after knowing about the defect. A lawsuit was started over the faulty Pixel microphones, and now Google has agreed to pay some buyers up to $500 in a settlement.

As stated by The Verge, the Suit was started back in 2017 regarding Google knowingly selling Pixel devices with defective microphones. Google admitted that some microphones in the original Pixel and Pixel XL were defective which resulted in the microphone working badly or not at all. As a part of the settlement, Google has agreed to pay out $7.25 million to affected Pixel and Pixel XL owners. The device in question had to have been manufactured before January 4th, 2017 for it to be eligible for the payout.

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Amount to vary for every individual

The actual amount received by a user will vary on a case-by-case basis. The highest payout is $500 and is given to those who returned a defective Pixel device, only to get another defective one in turn. Those who only returned once can get $350 and anyone who had to pay an insurance deductible is eligible to have the entire value repaid. All Pixel owners are eligible for up to $20 from this settlement as well, even if they weren't affected by the problem.

If you happen to be one of the people affected by the fiasco, head over to this link. The law firm associated with the suit will update the page with details on how to get the payout. A hearing for preliminary approval will be held on June 5th. It may be weeks, or even months before the actual payout happens, so we're just going to have to sit tight till that happens.

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