GOG Weekend Retro Promo

GOG has long been a favorite game store of mine due to them helping to revive some long dead classics over the years. This weekend they're celebrating that trait their known for in their "Oldies but Goldies" sale.

GOG is having a 60% off sale on some very well renowned old school games.

"We don't know about you, but this weekend most of us are sleeping off a week of Insomnia-related madness. If there is still coin in your wallet and you're sick of caffeine pills for breakfast lunch and dinner, check out this weekend's promo for a change of pace Oldies but Goldies at a flat 60% discount!"

For this weekend only you can find the following games for sale at a 60% discount:

GOG has had a winning formula for some time I think. Great games at decent prices with no DRM. Even their supposed encrypting of some elements of the installer package, similar feeling though not full blown DRM, seemed logical and not necessarily like a slap in the face to me. And they listened and took out that encryption too! They still win out as one of my favorites.

If retro gaming is your thing or if you just want to relive some great memories, then head on over to GOG to find some great deals on some great games. Let us know what your favorite out of the bunch is and maybe share a screenshot or two. It's great to see older games playable again.


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