GOG Confirms Most Games Compatible With Windows 10, Working On Last Percentage Diligently

GOG, the iconic retro gaming repository, took to Twitter to announce that most of their library of games are compatible with Windows 10 upon launch, and that they are hard at work to get the rest good to go.

GOG says ~85% of their game library is Windows 10 ready, with the other 15% being worked on diligently.

Certainly a new OS reminds us of some of the issues that sometimes arise when they arrive. Compatibility is sometimes broken when the underlying architecture changes even slightly. That means that games and drivers sometimes don't work as intended, if at all.

It's a real struggle we gamers have to deal with, but thankfully GOG is hard at work making sure that their entire library of old and new games is ready for Windows 10 as soon as possible.

Window 10 was finally released yesterday to the wild to much fanfare. It has real and identifiable improvements over Windows 8.1. But of course it isn't without it's issues. To ensure that there are as few issues as possible, and that your upgrade license works properly, the best way is to upgrade, then 'reset' your PC for a fresh install. This ensures the transfer of the license happens without issue.

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