Godfall Progression Aims to Be the Tinkerer’s Dream, Won’t Force Players to do Content They Don’t Want


There aren't many multiplayer games in the PlayStation 5 launch lineup, so Godfall, the looter-slasher in development at Counterplay Games, sticks out even more than it would otherwise have.

Today, Speaking to IGN, the studio's senior technical producer Richard Heyne discussed how Godfall will cater to the online action RPG niche, for instance by eliciting 'tinkerer' players to experiment with the various available options.

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One of our core philosophies will always be the tinkerer's dream. If there's the appetite for that, for the player to continue experimenting, we want to just make sure that the playground's open and you're ready to play.

Heyne also emphasized that players won't have to keep doing content they don't enjoy much in order to unlock certain in-game objectives. This is often an issue with online action RPGs, so it'd be a nice difference in favor of Godfall.

We didn't want to force players too heavily to do activities that they didn't enjoy to unlock the content that they want. So to obtain certain crafting materials for certain Valorplates, you'll have to go to the Water realm. There will be crafting ingredients you can only find if you're in the Water realm. But, you can go into the Water realm during your campaign missions. You'll naturally be brought there. You'll be in the Water realm for hunt missions. There will be endgame content that takes place in the Water realm. There will be co-op opportunities in the Water realm.

So you're not being told, ‘Hey, you have to go do this side mission to unlock Mesa the Valorplate.’ You should be able to probably get enough crafting materials for a handful of those throughout the campaign itself, and then if there are any [items needed for the others]... you should have a list of activities to pick from, be able to choose what you want and to fill out those last pieces of your armory without feeling slowed down.

Godfall launches November 12th on PlayStation 5 (where the game will extensively support DualSense controller features) and PC.