Godfall Gameplay Finally Revealed During PlayStation 5 Event

While first teased as one of the first PlayStation 5 titles in development, Godfall has been officially unveiled with a brief gameplay trailer to showcase some of the characters and gear to look forward to in Gearbox's latest game.

Published by Gearbox Publishing and developed by Counterplay Games, Godfall is 'the first-of-its-kind, looter-slasher, melee action-RPG'. The demo showcases a wide range of melee weapons, from the tried-and-true sword and shield combo to heavy maces and spears. While the unlockable armor was showcased briefly, each character was wearing a full set, making it unclear whether players will be able to customize their character with individual pieces or if the armor is tied to that specific character or set.

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While a second player was teased only briefly during the gameplay trailer for Godfall, Counterplay Games has already confirmed that the game can be played alone or "with anyone at any time". Rather than just you and a friend, Godfall will support up to three players looting and slashing together in one session. Cross-platform play has not yet been confirmed or denied for Godfall as of yet.

Godfall will remain a console exclusive "for a limited time" while also launching on PC as well. With Borderlands 3 being a timed exclusive to Epic Games Store, that partnership has continued with the upcoming release of Godfall. Godfall will be available on both platforms later this year during Holiday 2020.

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