God of War: Ascension Brings in 4 Player Multiplayer; Plenty of Blood and Gore included

God of War: Ascension is the story of Kratos as a Mortal before offering his soul to Ares in exchange of immortal power, but the game is not going to come shipped with just Single player story and challenges this time around as God of War: Ascension is now bringing on the pain even more as the game is said to come bundled with Multiplayer that will definitely help extend the life of a God of War game like never before. This is surely a mammoth of a task to pull off but it can certainly be done well enough.

If you are a fan of the series I don't even have to tell you what happens next ; ) - Image Courtesy of Source

With a nice variety of game modes, the brutality and gore of God of War and many more features thrown into the game that is God of War: Ascension will definitely be a game to stand out of the previous games as it delivers the origin story of Kratos along with what looks an unbelievably amazing multiplayer system which will offer a variety of gut wrenching and blood splattering game modes which will definitely help keep players interests set on the game long after the conclusion of the single player campaign. The only question is whether or not Santa Monica Studios will be able to pull this off perfectly enough for it to last long or will be another Ninja Gaiden 3?

Some of the game modes in the game are already announced such as a mode similar to Operations from Killzone where players have to control / protect points and then protect / kill a Cyclops at the end of a stage, there is even a suggestion of a game mode where players will have to kill Kratos to be Kratos but this is lacking detail as of yet.

As a fan of the series I am open to new ideas and genuinely look forward to what the game has to offer and will get to see more details unravel as they happen at E3. I am also very glad to see them using the same engine used in God of War 3 for delivering a graphic enriched experience to the players just like God of War 3.

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