God of War Steam Deck vs PS4 & PS5 Comparison Shows Faster Loading and Improved Visual Quality But Lower Performance on Valve’s Handheld

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A new God of War Steam Deck vs PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 comparison video has been released, and the results are quite interesting.

Released for PC earlier this year, Sony Santa Monica's former PlayStation exclusive can now also be enjoyed by PC players. The title has been officially verified for Valve's Steam Deck, and YouTuber "ElAnalistaDeBits" has put this epic adventure to the test on the handheld, and Sony's consoles.

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So how does God of War fare on the Steam Deck compared to the PlayStation versions of the title? Well, from the looks of it, it's kind of a mixed bag. On PS5, the game runs in (PS4 Pro) backward compatibility mode, meaning that it renders at 4K checkerboard resolution at 60FPS. Meanwhile, PC players are playing the game at framerates far higher than that. On the Steam Deck, however, it appears that there's currently no acceptable way to get the game running at 60 frames per second, and players are advised to lock their framerate to 30FPS on Valve's handheld - even on minimum settings.

When it comes to the game's visuals, however, things are different, and the Steam Deck version benefits from both better draw distance as well as improved textures for some assets. As far as loading goes, Valve's new platform loads the game faster than on Sony's console, although it has to be said that the PlayStation backward compatibility version doesn't benefit from the full potential of the SSD inside the PS5. You can check out the new comparison video down below:

  • Personally, I wouldn't recommend FSR for resolutions as low as Steam Deck in handheld mode. If we connect it to a monitor, using FSR in Maximum quality mode at 1080p to maintain a stable framerate is a good idea.
  • There is no acceptable way to get 60fps on the Steam Deck, even with the minimum settings. It is best to lock your framerate at 30fps.
  • Overall, playing an AAA game like God of War on a laptop with higher quality than PS4 is a wonderful experience.

God of War is available globally now for PC and PlayStation 4/5.

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