God of War PC Will Not Get Exclusive Fullscreen Mode; Borderless Fullscreen Will Continue to Be Improved


God of War PC is not going to get an exclusive fullscreen mode in the future, due to a variety of reasons.

Speaking on the game's Steam Community forums, Santa Monica Studio Technical Production Senior Manager Matt DeWald confirmed that exclusive fullscreen mode is not coming to the game as the various improvements implemented into the DirectX11 that God of War runs fully supports V-Sync and G-Sync in borderless fullscreen. Additionally, the team concluded that the upscaling built in the game provided higher-quality upscaling than what a monitor could give.

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We made the decision to go with Borderless Fullscreen based on extensive performance testing and research into to the support capabilities of Windows 10 alongside the fullscreen optimizations done by Microsoft in recent years.

Unlike with past versions of DirectX and Windows, the improvements implemented into the DirectX 11 version that God of War runs upon means that Borderless Fullscreen fully supports VSync, NVIDIA G-Sync, etc. Additionally, we concluded that the upscaling we built into the game (TAA, NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FSR) provided higher-quality upscaling than what a monitor could give running at lower resolutions for performance reasons.

Without any plans to implement exclusive fullscreen mode, the God of War developer will be focusing on improving borderless fullscreen mode in the future.

We do recognize that there are some ongoing issues with our implementation of Borderless Fullscreen that we are currently working on resolving. For instance, HDR needs to be turned on at the Windows-level to work properly rather than at the application level, and sometimes the mouse doesn't stay constrained to the game window. We will continue to make improvements towards future-proofing our execution moving forward.

God of War is now available on PC and PlayStation 4 worldwide.

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