Get the new Gmail look Now

Ali Raza

Google has started to revamp its services, bestowing a better Google+ oriented layout and user interface. Yesterday Google updated Google Reader and today the new look for Google Mail is available for all. You can switch to the new look today which will be forced in the coming weeks so it’s better to start adapting to the new design from today.

According to Google you can get your new look by going into your Inbox and pressing Ctrl+F5. You will then see a dialog box in the bottom right corner of you screen saying ‘switch to the new look.’ Press it and you’ll see another big box in the center of your screen.

The new Gmail offers a lot of intriguing features as boasted by Google:

  • A new look, cleaner and more modern
  • New themes
  • Improved conversation view
  • Customizable in new ways
  • Offers you more control
  • Search and filters made simple
  • Switch to contacts and tasks
  • A new toolbar

There’s a video which shows the new improvements as well. In order to watch it go HERE.

Well it’s time to dump the old fashioned Gmail and switch to the new look, modern and stylish. In the coming days Google will forcefully apply the new look so it’s better to update and get hold of things before hand.

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