Glasses-Free 3D coming to your iPhone and Android soon

Right now the entire handheld gaming community is on its toes for the Nintendo 3DS, but apparently the 3DS would be the second device to give glasses-free 3D display if these select apps beat it to the App stores of each company.

Now your probably wondering how will the phones achieve such an amazing height? well with a little help from 3DeeSlide, which will have support for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 and even the iPad in the fall. This is basically a lens you mount on your iPhone and is part of what makes the glasses-free 3D possible, and no this thing isn't as expensive as you might think, this amazing lens only costs a mere $20. Now that we know how the iPhone's are supposed to get 3D when will we know how the Android's will get 3D? as we all know Android devices come in all shapes and sizes and making a lens for each individual device might be a little hard wouldn't it?

So lets wait and see if the same company providing this case for iPhone also make an Android variant at the same price, maybe they will make a one size fits all model which might be able to fit on all Android screens with little or no problems? The iPhone version of the App has already been handed in for submission to the App store while the Android version is still being worked on the app is named "3DeeCentral" and all iPhone enthusiast should definitely keep their eyes peeled for this on the App store at any time.

Source: Electronista

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