Gigantic Giveaway – Enter Our Contest For A Chance To Get A Beta Key

It's time for more gifts, fellow gamers. Today we are presenting our Gigantic giveaway!

Enter the contest below for a chance to win a closed beta key for Gigantic, the Free-to-Play team based shooter with MOBA elements. In Gigantic, two teams of five players battle against each other using unique heroes; the twist is that each team has a massive guardian NPC which changes the game flow. Destroying the enemy's guardian is the main goal in Gigantic, so keep that in mind.

Gigantic is also one of the first games to feature full cross-play functionality between PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One platforms, which means that you'll be able to play with your friends regardless of the platform owned.

Without further ado, you can join the Gigantic giveaway below. We'll contact the winners at the end of the contest; the instructions to redeem codes are very simple, just go here and follow directions to create an account (or just login if you already have one) and redeem your code.

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