GIGABYTES’s X399 AORUS EXTREME Motherboard Unveiled At Computex 2018

Usman Pirzada

GIGABYTE showed us their brand new and upcoming X399 AORUS Extremem motherboard when we visited their booth at Computex recently. The brand new mobo designed for the TR4 threadripper platform will be able to support the newly unveiled Threadripper 2 lineup of CPUs from AMD all the way up to 32 cores.

X399 (Refresh) AORUS Extreme Motherboard Specs, Closeup and Pictures

The motherboard features the iconic huge TR4 socket that is synonomous with the Threadripper platform as wll as 8 DIMM slots. Powere delivery for the CPU has an auxiliary 8-pin connection at the top. 4x PCIe slots can be seen as well as  up  to 3 M2 slots. The motherboard featues the ESS Saber HiFi DAC system which is a tried and tested setup for AORUS motherboards.

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The IO portion is quite interesting as well. It features up to 8 USB 3.0 ports as well as a single 3.1 port. Furthermore, 2 Wifi Antenna sockets are included for connectivity and THREE ethernet ports. If that isn't over kill I don't know what is ( I am one of those people who dont even use their second ethernet port).  1 USB-C port is included as well as the standard optical out port for the DAC system and the 7.1 analog interface.

We were also able to convince GB to give us a demo of the RGB and you you can see that in all its glory too. Lighting wasn't perfect to show off the nice looking RGB effects but hey, you make do with what you have.

Leaks had already told us that the X399 Refresh platform for AMD Threadripper processors will be landing sometime in August and this is just the first wave of brand new motherboards from manufacturers based on this platform that you are going to be seeing soon. Keep in mind however, that the top of the line Threadripper 2 SKUs will be targetted more towards devs and video professionals since 32 cores is just slightly out of the gamer's processing power requirements.

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