GIGABYTE Z690, B660, & Next-Gen 700-Series Motherboards To Support EXPO DDR5 Memory

Intel Z690 & B660 Motherboards Will Feature Support For Both AMD EXPO & XMP DDR5 Memory Kits 3

GIGABYTE, a global leader in motherboards and components for PCs and gaming rigs, announces that all current Z690, B660, and future supported motherboards would be compatible with AMD's new EXPO memory technology. Users can effortlessly enjoy boosts in performance on supporting GIGABYTE motherboards of all platforms with either AMD EXPO or Intel XMP-supported memories.

AMD EXPO will offer support for GIGABYTE Z690, B660, and future motherboards to achieve a performance boost

AMD recently revealed the new EXPO technology for DDR5 memory on the latest AM5 platform, allowing for easy DDR5 memory accelerating with preconstructed overclocking profiles for an uplift performance, similar to Intel's XMP technology. All major memory module brands will release their versions of AMD EXPO memories soon.

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However, GIGABYTE aims to provide support for both AMD EXPO and Intel XMP DDR5 on AM5-based motherboards. It bears the same visionary design as the Intel platform, enabling users to boost their DDR5 memories on Z690, B660, and subsequent motherboards by merely activating XMP and EXPO in the BIOS setting for the added performance boost.

Image source: AORUS via Gigabyte.

The new support on Gigabyte's BIOS will allow for the AMD EXPO or Intel XMP memory modules to be automatically detected in SPD, and users can choose to enable either profile within the system's BIOS. Users can then save that profile locally or to an external storage device. Users can transfer that single profile to the next PC. Also, quick memory performance will be based on the user's input clock and timing parameters.

AMD EXPO is the company's new memory-overclocking technology that is expected to play a part with the latest AMD Ryzen 7000 processors and their supporting AM5-based motherboard outlet.

Image source: AORUS via Gigabyte.

Intel Extreme Memory Profile, or Intel XMP, lets you overclock supported DDR4 and DDR5 memory modules to improve the gaming features built into PCs with Intel Core CPUs.

The latest BIOS with Intel XMP and AMD EXPO support for GIGABYTE Z690, B660, and future motherboards will be released soon on GIGABYTE's official website.

News Source: Gigabyte

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