GIGABYTE Introduces The AORUS H1 Headset

Evan Federowicz

The AORUS H1 headset was announced by GIGABYTE, which features 50 mm drivers and offers support for 7.1 surround sound. This headset is a perfect choice for gamers, as the 7.1 surround sound allows gamers to hear the footsteps of their enemies. The AORUS H1 headset design is incredibly unique, and the Neonpunk style inspired this design with the high-quality metal and lighting shown throughout the headset. GIGABYTE has yet to announce the AORUS H1 headset pricing or when this headset will be available for purchase but has set up a product page with a large amount of information on this headset.

The AORUS H1 headset offers support for 7.1 virtual surround sound and uses 50 mm drivers

The AORUS H1 headset has a unique design inspired by Neopunk, with RGB lighting around the ear cup. The RGB lighting can be completely controlled through the AORUS software, making personalizing this headset much easier and much more efficient for gamers.

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This headset is created with ergonomics in mind, and these ergonomics are shown in the ear cushions and the headband. The ear cushions are made from soft yet durable leather, which is in an oval shape to cover the ears instead of resting on the ears. This headset is made using a lightweight metal to allow gamers to enjoy countless hours of gaming with no discomfort.

The AORUS H1 headset features 50 mm drivers providing precise audio output and fantastic sounding bass. These 50 mm drivers allow for excellent performance in hearing both enemies and teammates during crucial moments.


The AORUS H1 headset has In-Line Audio control allowing users to quickly and efficiently change the RGB lighting, volume, microphone, and ENC settings. This In-Line Audio control uses a single USB connection to the computer and offers widespread support for both PC, Laptops, and consoles.

This headset has an Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) microphone, and this microphone can eliminate ambient sounds. This technology keeps the gamer's voice clear with little-to-no background noise, which may distract teammates during high-intensity gaming moments. Users can also choose to activate or deactivate this feature using the audio controller. This microphone has a unidirectional polar pattern.

Gigabyte has yet to announce that the AORUS H1 headset will be available for purchase or the price for this headset.

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