GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 680 Pictured

Hassan Mujtaba

A user on has posted pictures of Gigabyte's reference GeForce GTX 680 graphics card, The card is based on the 28nm Kepler Architecture and features the GK104 Core.

The user reports that the card arrived at his shop earlier this morning and would be priced similar to HD7970 around $549. Recent online listings (ASUS/ZOTAC) also show that the card would cost around the suggested price of $549. The card is a reference model which would feature 2GB GDDR5 Memory clocked at 6GHz Effective and 1006Mhz Core Clock.

OBR also reports on his blog that the reference models would be cheaper than the HD7970 in Czech Market by a significant margin. Getting one earlier would be the best choice since the second batch would cost a bit more even if AMD does drops the pricing on its Southern Island Cards.

The GeForce GTX 680 from NVIDIA launches officially on 22nd March.

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