Gigabyte’s AORUS Z790 Xtreme & Tachyon Motherboards Ready For DDR5-8000 & 8333 XMP Memory Kits, Up To DDR5-9300 With OC

Jason R. Wilson
AORUS Z790 Xtreme & Tachyon Motherboards Ready For DDR5-8000 & 8333 XMP Memory Kits, Up To DDR5-9300 With OC 1
Image source: Gigabyte AORUS on YouTube.

Gigabyte Technology announced today that the AORUS TACHYON Z790-based mobo would begin to offer fantastic XMP DDR5-9300 overclocked memory support. In contrast, the company's AORUS XTREME and MASTER motherboards will support XMP DDR5-8333 memory. The motherboards will be capable of such support through air cooling the memory kits with the company's exclusive overclocking kit.

Gigabyte AORUS TACHYON, XTREME, & MASTER Z790 motherboards will support high-performance DDR5 memory kits, as high as 9300 Mbps

Gigabyte AORUS further assures improved stability and performance through the company's premium motherboards, Shielded Memory Routing design, and BIOS settings' High Bandwidth feature.

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XMP DDR5-8000 memory kits on the Z790 AORUS MASTER motherboard. Image source: TechPowerUP via VideoCardz.

The company improved on the previous generation of XTREME, MASTER, and TACHYON motherboard designs using Shielded Memory Routing and low latency PCB design, allowing users to limit the internal and external interferences, the chance of signal losses, and granting the fastest memory speeds available.


The exclusive High Bandwidth feature from Gigabyte for the company's AORUS enthusiast motherboards gives users the power to increase the maximum bandwidth given to XMP memory kits, providing ultimate performance of the system's memory without needing to alter the memory clock settings. Gigabyte further enhances the capability of superior performance from their motherboards with its in-house overclocking kit, specially designed for XMP DDR5-8333 and DDR5-9300 OC models.

Gigabyte's Z790 AORUS XTREME and Z790 AORUS MASTER motherboards are equipped to handle the 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake Intel CPUs. The two new AORUS motherboards access superior power and temperature control in extreme situations using up to 20+1+2 VRM digital power phase design. Each VRM phase accesses as much as 105 amps and a Fins-Array III heatsink, granting enthusiasts overclocking experiences beyond the competition with the multi-core Intel K-series processors.

The Z790 AORUS TACHYON motherboards are specially made for overclockers, by overclockers. Granting users a full-range management of power with the next-gen direct VRM power design and 100% thermal coverage of the MOS area to limit spikes in heat and dissipate heat more efficiently. Gigabyte has granted users access to a built-in overclocking kit, giving the ability to make adjustments, utilize shortcut keys for efficient overclocking, and better detect voltage levels for enhanced ease of use to experienced overclockers.

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