Gigabyte Also Launches 3GB GeForce GTX 660 Ti WindForce Graphics Card

Hassan Mujtaba

Gigabyte in addition to its 4GB models of the GTX 680 and GTX 670 has also introduced a 3GB GeForce GTX 660 Ti which features a factory overclock and WindForce series cooling design.

The Gigabyte GTX 660 Ti 3GB codenamed "GV-N66TOC-3GD" makes use of an Ultra Durable VGA design and packs 1344 Cuda Cores clocked at 1032 MHz base and 1111 MHz Boost clock. The 3GB GDDR5 (192-bit) memory runs at the reference frequency of 6008 MHz.

The card offers SLI support and Dual-DVI, HDMI, Display ports as display connectors. The total board requires two 6-Pin connectors for power. Gigabyte has equipped the 3GB GeForce GTX 660 Ti with its flagship WindForce series cooler which comes with three fans throwing air towards a large aluminum fin array whilst blowing hot air out through the exhaust vent.

The card is currently up for grabs at a price of 329 Euro. You can head over to the product page for more details.

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